Mercator travels to Chicago, Illinois every year for our annual Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company Golf Tournament. This year it was held at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Illinois on Saturday June 27th.  Thanks to the GLDD crew for coming out – we had great weather and a great time. We look forward to next year!
Dave Allen
Dave Allen – General Superintendent for Dredging Operations
Charles Barrese
Charles Barrese – Manager Site Administration
Briston Schroedter
Briston Schroedter – Project Engineer
Alastair Helme
Alastair Helme – Supreme Ruler of Milky Way
Washington Bryan
Washington Bryan – Manager Site Engineering Operations
Charles Barrese
Ed Hickey - Electronics Technician
Dave Rappe
Dave Rappe – Dredge Manager Hydraulic Division
Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts – Vice President of Site Engineering
John Maszczyk
John Maszczyk – Manager of IT. Retired
Jacob Brewer
Jacob Brewer – Site Administrator
Pat Hughes
Pat Hughes – Manager Computer Application Development
Steve O’Hara
Steve O’Hara – Senior Vice President
Group Picture
GLDD Group Picture