The Trimble MPS865 is a very rugged, robust and reliable Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) positoning and heading solution, built for a wide gamut of real-time and post-procession applications for Marine surveying and construction. With a full suite of intergrated communications options such as Bluetooth, WiFi, UHF radio, celluar modem and MSS satellite based correction channels, this modular system is extremely flexible.

Features and Benefits

  • Rugged design built for marine environments
  • Patented GNSS technology
  • 480-channel tracking
  • Dual GNNS antenna inputs for heading
  • 1 PPS outpout
  • OLED display, keyboard and Web UI
  • 3.5 celluar modem
  • Anti-theft technology
  • Backup RTK – Hot Standby

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