A Modular Base Station and Rover Receiver for RTK GPS / GNSS and Static Surveying

The Trimble® R7 GNSS System is a high-accuracy GPS receiver and UHF radio combined in one exceptionally rugged unit. Trimble R-Track technology in the receiver supports L2C and L5 GPS, plus GLONASS. Use the Trimble R7 GNSS for RTK or static surveying, or in a Trimble VRS™ infrastructure network. The modular Trimble R7 GNSS System employs a separate antenna: the Trimble Zephyr™ 2 when used as a rover and the Zephyr Geodetic™ 2 when used as a base station. The Trimble R7 GNSS is ideal for multiple surveying applications, including topographic, cadastral, seismic, stakeout, and control.

For details on other features, including Bluetooth® capability, plus specifications, refer to the datasheet.
Comprehensive GNSS Support: GPS, GPS Modernization and GLONASS
The receiver’s ability to augment GPS signals with GLONASS can help to improve field productivity, and the resulting postprocessed or RTK solution is enhanced. The new and coming L2C and L5 GPS signals will also improve the solution, plus these signals are more easily acquired and tracked in challenging GPS conditions.
Comprehensive GNSS support also protects your investment for future technological developments.
A Proven Modular Design with Flexible Antenna Options
Use the Trimble Zephyr Geodetic 2 ground plane antenna to minimize signal multipath at the Trimble R7 GNSS base station, and achieve the “cleanest” data possible.

Key Features

  • Trimble R-Track technology for comprehensive GNSS support
  • A modular system with external antenna for maximum flexibility
  • Advanced receiver technology and proven system design combined
  • An important component of the Trimble Connected Site

Download Spec Sheet – English (pdf)
Download Spec Sheet – Spanish (pdf)
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