GPSBase Software


Single-site GPS Reference Station

Scalable Infrastructure Solutions for Today and Tomorrow Ideal for surveyors, engineers, mappers, and geomatics professionals, Trimble® GPSBase reference station software provides the base functionality for your fixed reference station solution. Designed for the setup of a single-site GPS reference station, this fully automated system operates continuously to provide either RTK or post processed data to
GPS users within a local area. GPSBase is an affordable, flexible and easy-to-use solution that makes the setup of your fixed reference station quick and easy.

Scalable Fixed Reference Station

Part of the Trimble offering of scalable infrastructure solutions, GPSBase meets the needs of companies and organizations that desire the benefits of a single fixed reference station to serve their local area and be positioned to grow.
Trimble provides a portfolio of infrastructure solutions to accommodate single reference stations, networks of reference stations, or VRS™ (Virtual Reference Station) solutions.
This scalability allows you to select the best solution for your requirements. GPSBase is the entry point into Trimble’s infrastructure solutions portfolio – it allows you to start small and grow.

Using GPSBase, you can quickly and easily set up a fixed reference station to make RTK corrections available in realtime or provide postprocessed data across your local working area. GPSBase eliminates the need for the setup of a temporary field base station for each individual project – saving you time and money.

As your requirements grow, you can upgrade to GPSNet or RTKNet for wider coverage and additional functionality.
Easy to Use
GPSBase lets you easily establish a GPS Reference Station using proven Trimble GPS hardware and software. The software provides tools for managing your GPS reference station receiver and data, with options for both real time and post processed operations. GPSBase supports simultaneous output of RTK corrections using industry-standard formats as well as data storage for post processed work. GPSBase can be configured to broadcast to GPS rovers using either radio or cellular links, or via direct Internet access. Stored data can be distributed to users via the Internet or a LAN.

Key Features

  • Scalability: easily expanded by upgrading to Trimble GPS Net or RTKNet Software
  • Simplicity: easy to set up. fully automated operation
  • Configurable Data Storage: record and manage data according to your unique needs. Automatic data archiving and sharing via Internet.
  • Versatile: supports up to 10 different simultaneous real time correction streams in RTCM or CMR. Supports an unlimited number of rovers using

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