Trimble GPS Analyst

GPS Analyst Extension For EsriArcGis Desktop Software
Streamlined GNSS data processing inside ArcGIS
The Trimble® GPS Analyst™ extension for Esri ArcGIS Desktop software will streamline your workflow and improve your productivity by enabling you to work directly with GNSS data inside your personal geodatabase. Because the extension comes with a package of powerful GNSS postprocessing tools, incorporating the new Trimble DeltaPHASE™ differential correction technology, you can be sure you have GNSS data that is consistent, reliable, and accurate.
The GPS Analyst extension allows you to differentially correct your GNSS data directly inside Esri ArcGIS Desktop software. Postprocessing gives significant improvements on your autonomous accuracy all the way down to decimeter (10 cm / 4 inch) level, depending on the environment and your GNSS receiver. Using Trimble’s H-Star™ technology you can achieve decimeter accuracy with the GPS Pathfinder® ProXH and ProXRT receivers and the GeoXH™ 6000 series handheld. With a GeoXT™ or a ProXT™ receiver GPS Analyst provides the option of standard carrier post-processing. Alternatively, with a Juno® series handheld or other code receiver, you can achieve optimal GNSS code processing accuracy with the Trimble DeltaPHASE technology.
Say goodbye to unnecessary file conversions—with the GPS Analyst extension you can bring GNSS data straight from the field into the geodatabase. The GPS Analyst extension offers a seamless workflow for the Esri ArcPad software when combined with the Trimble GPScorrect™ extension for Esri ArcPad software. Check data out; use, verify, and update the data in the field using ArcPad and the GPScorrect extension; and then check updated data back in. There are no extra steps or complicated procedures to follow. You can even work directly with data from the Trimble TerraSync™ software, for an alternative data collection and maintenance solution.
The GPS Analyst extension is fully customizable with Esri ArcObjects, giving you the flexibility to adapt it to your data processing needs. You can even take ArcGIS into the field on a laptop computer or Tablet PC, and capture data directly into the geodatabase. If you have your own field solution, write a plug-in that takes advantage of the GPS Analyst extension’s powerful data processing tools.
Let the GPS Analyst extension improve your data accuracy and your field-to-office workflow by making GNSS data an integral part of your GIS.
Key Features

  • Collect, view, and edit GNSS data inside Esri ArcGIS Desktop software versions 9.x and 10
  • Improve productivity by eliminating extra file conversions and processing steps outside the GIS
  • Improve GNSS position accuracy with differential correction of data from supported Trimble GNSS receivers including Trimble H-Star and DeltaPHASE data postprocessing
  • Supports GLONASS post-processing for data collected with a GLONASS option-enabled GPS Pathfinder ProXRT receiver
  • Check data out to Shapefiles for update in the field with Esri ArcPad and the GPScorrect extension, then check new and updated features and GNSS positions back into the geodatabase
  • Import features and GNSS positions from Trimble SSF files, including data collected with the Trimble TerraSync software
  • Validate GNSS positions to ensure features meet your accuracy requirements
  • Store detailed quality information for GNSS data in the geodatabase
  • Use Esri ArcGIS in the field to collect features and GNSS data directly to the geodatabase
  • Use Esri ArcObjects to customize workflows or data processing to suit your requirements
  • License Manager allows easy management of multiple licenses, including the choice of single-use or floating licenses.

Download Spec Sheet (pdf)