Affordable asset management solution to equip the entire field workforce

The Juno® SA handheld* is a durable, compact field computer with an integrated high-yield GPS receiver, ideal for asset management and inspection applications. It is the affordable way to arm an entire data collection workforce with a reliable and accurate professional GPS handheld incorporating an industry standard Windows Mobile® 6.1 platform.
The Juno SA handheld is an economical solution, ideally suited to organizations that are looking to equip their entire field workforce – while managing strict budgets – by combining the Juno SA handheld with the required field application software at of a cost-effective price point. With a 533 MHz processor, 128 MB RAM, a 3.5 inch display, and support for 10 languages, the Juno SA handheld is a powerful and versatile field tool.
The long life battery of the Juno SA handheld allows GPS data collection for a full working day, without the need for recharging. The battery is also field-replaceable, for extended periods away from a power source. Never worry about running out of memory in the field with the Juno SA handheld’s microSD card slot. Compatibility with high capacity microSD cards provides ample storage for large applications, data and raster background maps, or even entire projects.
In applications such as natural resource data collection, and public works asset inspection – where high productivity is critical – the Juno SA handheld is ideal. Incorporating a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, it has been specifically designed to maximize yield of positions in difficult environments such as under forest canopy and up against buildings. For these types of applications, the Juno SA handheld can achieve 2 to 5 meter positional accuracy in real time with its integrated SBAS receiver. When higher accuracy is required to meet company or regulatory standards, the field data collected with the Juno SA handheld can be postprocessed with the Trimble®DeltaPHASE™ technology to achieve 1 to 3 meter accuracy.
As part of the Trimble family of mobile data collection solutions, the Juno SA handheld is fully compatible with the entire range of Trimble Mapping & GIS software, giving the choice of field-proven software solutions for professional GIS data collection and maintenance. Organizations can easily deploy the Juno SA handheld alongside current Trimble equipment while maintaining the same workflows and policies.
The Juno SA handheld is one tool the mobile workforce can’t afford to be without – a durable, lightweight field computer that delivers reliable, accurate GPS for data collection and asset management.

Key Features

  • Cost-effective solution, ideal for large deployments
  • Industry standard Windows Mobile 6.1 platform
  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver
  • Long life battery for all-day use
  • Lightweight and compact

Download Spec Sheet (pdf)