Pro Series Recievers PRO 6H and PRO 6T

Trimble productivity, your way

With the flexibility to do it all, Trimble® Pro series receivers deliver unparalleled freedom of choice in professional GIS data collection. As the next generation of the Trimble GPS Pathfinder® family, the Trimble Pro series lets you configure a solution to match a wide range of work situations:

  • Handheld or tablet data collector
  • Real-time or postprocessed workflows
  • Connectivity via Bluetooth®, serial, or USB to external devices
  • In a backpack, on a pole, or mounted on a vehicle

With the Trimble Pro series receiver collect data your way, while maintaining the high-accuracy and position availability you need to stay productive.
Choose either the Pro 6H or 6T model to suit your needs:

Product Models Pro 6H Pro 6T
Accuracy Decimeter Submeter
Floodlight Technology Yes Optional

Trimble accuracy and productivity, with the freedom to work your way
The Trimble Pro series is the flexible solution for high-accuracy professional GIS data collection.
Utility companies, municipalities, environmental management agencies, and more have varied data collection needs and workflows—but all need reliable and accurate field data to update their GIS or work management systems. For any organization needing to map information precisely and efficiently the Trimble Pro series receiver is the perfect high-accuracy hardware platform that fits with current systems and workflows.
Working with your preferred Trimble Mapping & GIS handheld or tablet computer and with the software application you require the Trimble Pro series receiver is the ideal platform for:

  • Utilities: Water, wastewater, gas, electric and cable: Leak/outage detection and repair, relocating underground infrastructure, as-built mapping and open trenching, infrastructure inspection and maintenance management.
  • Local government: Road and road asset management, public works installations, city-wide GIS data collection projects, scheduled asset inspections for compliance and metering, parks and urban forest maintenance and management.
  • Environmental management: Water and waterway management, forest and park service management, geophysical management, general environmental management.

To discuss the right flexible data collection solution for your organization using the Trimble Pro series receiver contact your Mercator-GPS today.
Dedicated to GIS data collection
Trimble Pro series receivers are built to withstand the rigors of long hours in tough outdoor conditions yet optimized for high-accuracy GIS data collection workflows. The integrated antenna reduces the complexity of the complete system for fast setup and swift data collection campaigns. Field workers can be up and running with minimal training saving time and money.
Trimble Pro series receivers improve GNSS productivity with Trimble Floodlight™ technology for improved satellite availability and Trimble H-Star™ technology for high-accuracy data logging. The Trimble Pro series can deliver down to decimeter accuracy—either postprocessed or in real time for the confidence the job is done right while still on site. Using Trimble TerraSync™ software in the field or other GIS-centric field workflows, Trimble Pro receivers are designed to deliver attribute-rich field data quickly and easily.
Stay out of the shadows with Trimble Floodlight
For maximum productivity in high-accuracy applications, Trimble Floodlight technology lets you take high-accuracy data collection into the toughest GNSS environments. Trees and buildings create “satellite shadows”, limiting the areas where you can reliably collect high-accuracy GNSS data. Using Floodlight technology, the Pro series keeps your teams productive without reducing accuracy. Work with fewer disruptions and ensure better data, faster data collection and higher field efficiency.
Flexible to fit with the way you work
With your preferred configuration, choice of real-time or postprocessed workflows, decimeter or submeter accuracy-levels, and optional Floodlight technology – with Trimble Pro series receivers you can work productively how and where you need to work.

Key Features

  • Trimble Floodlight satellite shadow reduction technology More positions and increased accuracy in tough environments
  • Work your way Choose your configuration, data collector, and software
  • Real-time decimeter accuracy Confidence in the data you collect in the field
  • Rugged design, built for the field Works in the harsh physical environments you work
  • Field-swappable battery All day operation and the convenience of swap-and-go battery replacement

Download Spec Sheet – English (pdf)
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