Hydro Pro Software

The marine construction environment presents unique working conditions and safety concerns.
Trimble TSC3 ControllerHYDROpro™ and Trimble marine construction receivers offer the ideal solution for improving efficiency of wet construction projects by allowing the operator to “see” what’s going on beneath the machine or vessel. Material placement and dredging can be done much faster and with better accuracy than ever before, while reducing the rework that is often required with traditional marine construction methods.
The HYDROpro family of software offers specialized tools for:
Trimble TSC3 ControllerRig and barge positioning

  • Gives precise guidance and orientation to the vessel operator, in vessel-centric displays, when positioning structures
  • Saves time positioning complex structures such as raked piles from a barge
  • Achieve precise positioning to a target and eliminate time spent manually positioning and repositioning to a precise location using displays such as the “bullseye”
  • Tracks multiple support vessels and reports their anchor or dump status

Trimble TSC3 ControllerDredging and piling operations

  • Aids precise marine pile positioning for bridge and wharf construction
  • Allows the operator to “see” under water and dredge or fill to a 3D design by tracking the dredge head over a design shape

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