Trimble SPS552H Modular Add on GNSS Receiver

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The Trimble® SPS552H Modular Add-on GNSS Receiver provides exact heading information for construction projects that require precise orientation of a structure, vehicle, or vessel.

The SPS552H can be paired with the Trimble SPS852 Modular GNSS Receiver.
 [/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″]Key Features

  • No moving parts ensures service-free operation compared to a mechanical gyro compass
  • Continuous precise operation even when primary GNSS is not receiving satellite corrections for reduced downtime and increased productivity
  • Can be paired with another Trimble SPS852 GNSS receiver for added flexibility and reduced costs
  • Dual Site Positioning System GNSS receiver mounting bracket, interconnecting cable and antenna included for a compact, rugged system

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