SPS930 DR Total Station

Trimble TSC3 ControllerFrom initial site measurements to finished grading, Trimble Universal Total Stations let you take control of your site measurement, stakeout, and machine control requirements and eliminate the daily need for contract surveyors.
The Trimble® SPS630, SPS730 and SPS930 Universal Total Stations were designed specifically for the high traffic scenarios typically found on a construction site. Unique Trimble technology ignores environmental obstructions and eliminates the possibility that the instrument would lock onto the wrong reflective surface such as a reflective vest or light cover on a vehicle.
Available in several accuracy levels, the SPS series Universal Total Stations provide superior tracking for all site measurement tasks, including:
Initial site measurements to verify design levels
Reflectorless measurement of stockpiles, rock faces, cuttings and structures
Layout of structures, foundations, caissons and piles
Tunnel measurement
Earthworks, fine grading and finishing stakeout operations
As-built records and grade checks on laid material
Features & Benefits of the Trimble Universal Total Stations
The SPS930, SPS730, and SPS630 Universal Total Stations deliver the flexibility, accuracy and performance you need for heavy highway construction applications. They offer numerous features and benefits, including those listed below:
Why the technology? Why it is important to you?
Trimble MultiTrack™ technology Locks on and tracks passive prisms for monitoring or control measurements, and active prism targets for dynamic measurements required for grade control applications. Trimble active tracking technology prevents costly delays and subsequent rework; faster machine speed means increased productivity and faster results to grade.
Trimble MagDrive™ servo technology Turns the instrument up to 115 degres per second. Patented high speed Trimble MagDrive technology allows for faster grading closer to the instrument. For measurement tasks, it offers fast pointing, aiming and tracking, plus slow motion controls for manual aiming.
Trimble SurePoint™ technology Automatically corrects the horizontal and vertical angles and instrument pointing for mislevelment of the instrument.
2.4GHz radio & frequency hopping spread spectrum Removes downtime due to radio communication interference problems on the construction site.
3Hz DR scanning Super fast scanning capability for vertical / sloping profile measurements and stockpile scans. 3Hz DR scanning significantly reduces the time to measure material stockpile volumes or profile rock faces safely.
Servo / Autolock / Robotic models You decide what is needed for your site measurement tasks:
The Servo two-person model is ideal for everyday construction applications such as stakeout and measurements.
The Autolock model allows two-person operation without the need to focus or fine adjust; the instrument locks on and follows the target. Measure to the same accuracy all day long, removing errors due to operator stress.
The one-person Robotic model measures the position of the active or passive target and reports that position information via radio link to the controller.
Key Features

  • Robotic reflector-less and machine control features satisfy all site positioning and machine control needs
  • Industry-leading 20 HZ dynamic positioning update rate
  • Active target function guarantees reliable lock on the correct target
  • DR plus long-range reflector-less measurements eliminate the risk and delay of walking the surface with a target
  • Trimble Magdrive servos provide unmatched instrument turning and tracking speeds

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