TDL 3G Accessory

All-day network accessibility for WiFi or Bluetooth capable handheld devices

The TDL 3G is a compact, rugged, 3.5G cellular modem accessory that provides

all-day network accessibility to Trimble® Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® capable handheld devices. The TDL 3G Bluetooth wireless technology provides instant, reliable, and secure Internet access and VRS™ corrections wherever you work.
A connected workforce
With high-speed Internet connectivity, the integrated 3.5G cellular modem provides you and your entire field team the ability to quickly access the data you need in the field. You can download the latest project files, utilize web-based background files, and upload completed work at the end of the day.
You can also access VRS corrections through the cellular network. The accuracy of real-time corrections not only ensures high quality data for your GIS, it also makes locating assets in the field quicker and more accurate. Back in the office, data processing is streamlined too, removing the need for postprocessing before uploading to your GIS.
Designed for the field worker
With a powerful 3,000 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the TDL 3G will work for a full day on one battery charge. Recharge overnight and you’re ready to go the next day.
The TDL 3G has been designed to meet your needs in the harshest environments. The TDL 3G is rated IP67 (impervious to dust and immersable in water), operates at temperatures of –10? C to 60? C (+14? F to 140? F) and is drop tested to 1.2 m (3.9 ft).

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity

Your handheld can communicate with your TDL 3G using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, depending on the required application.
Wi-Fi is ideal when you require high speed Internet access to download project files, send in work at the end of the day, download maps, and keep in contact with your office via email.
Bluetooth is perfect for accessing high accuracy VRS connections over the Internet. The bandwidth of a Bluetooth connection is sufficient for VRS corrections and requires less power consumption than a Wi-Fi connection, extending battery life of the TDL 3G in the field.

Increase your productivity

A simple setup and an intuitive user interface remove the difficulties often associated with setting up complicated cellular phone connections.
Having internet and VRS access when you need it will increase your efficiency in the field.
Using the TDL 3G as part of your field solution adds up to increased productivity, saving you time and money.

Key Features

  • 3.5 cellular modem accessory
  • WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity
  • Access the Internet and VRS corrections in the field
  • Rugged and waterproof
  • Long battery life for all day use
  • Pocket-sized and easty to use

Download Spec Sheet (pdf)