Trimble Marine Inertial Positioning System

The Trimble Marine Inertial Positioning System is a compact dual antenna system that provides exhaustive 3D position and orientation data in the harshest marine environments.
Using a dual GNSS receiever with the IMU sensor into one housing results in the most robust positioning system possible.
The system will keep delivering position and attitude even when used in compromising marine situations such as a congested port. Its performance surpasses the systems put together from a dual GNSS antenna receiver cabled to an IMU (Pitch Roll Heave) sensor – The Trimble Marine Inertial Positioning Systems is offered at a competitive price point, and it delivers a more robust solution.
The system can deliver data while dead reckoning in cases where satellite coverage is limited for short periods so you keep productivity up. The unit can be used on new installations or as a drop-in replacement to your existing system. The real-time data outputs are legacy NMEA-type messages, including heave, that your existing marine software will be able to import.

Accuracy and Corrections

The system comes with the capability to track all the constellations – GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, QZSS, and Galileo. It can obtain corrections from:

  • A GNSS base station or VRS™ system and deliver precise RTK positions
  • A subscription to MarineSTAR for base station free corrections
  • SBAS corrections (EGNOS, WAAS, GAGAN, MSAS)

System Components

The system consists of:

  • MPS500 – sensor unit with all constellations and Precise RTK rover installed
  • Two Trimble GA830 GNSS antennas for marine
  • Two 10m antenna cables
  • USB Stick with PC utilities and the User Guide with Calibration Checklist
  • Set of rugged cables for the MPS500 sensor:
    • Power cable
    • Shielded Ethernet cable
    • I/O RS232 and RS422 data cables including 1PPS
    • RS232 extension cable
  • All items supplied in a rugged carry case

Data Sheets